Community Rules

TuMangaOnline is a free web where everyone can publish their own translations, help as uploader uploading content to the web and communicate with other users through the system of comments and chat.

But for everyone to enjoy the web in the best possible way, a series of rules and good practices are necessary to make the experience of everyone equally enjoyable.

Chat y Comments

  1. RESPECT, whoever offends will be banned, if someone provokes you or there is some misunderstanding in the chat, please tell it. Do not try to argue with that person or other users.
  2. PROHIBITED Spoilers. (In disqus are allowed by the use of the label <spoiler>)
  3. PROHIBITED spam o flood, repeating a character more than 3 times.
  4. PROHIBITED share images with sexual contents and insults with the intention of offending
  5. Shapes and Colors. Smileys and other graphical commands are used to add more emphasis to conversations. However, if you are constantly using them, they can be annoying and you will be banned.
  6. It is forbidden to mention any content that I sent to other viewers in Spanish. Only links to the scanlation viewer are allowed.
  7. To pretend to be an admin or moderator who can confuse the rest of the users. (Admins and moderators are identified with the icon of the golden shield)
  8. Write with the best possible spelling (You will not receive ban, but the rest of users will have difficulty understanding you).
  9. Never try to persuade other users to go to another chat. If you do not like this, you do not need to advertise it. If you want to go to another, simply unsubscribe and register the one you like.
  10. Remember that the most important purpose of entering this chat is to have fun, have fun and meet fun people. Cheer up and participate.

Use of tags in Disqus

  • <a> Define a link
  • <strong> Define Bold text
  • <blockquote> Define a long quote
  • <caption> Define a table legend
  • <cite> Define a citation
  • <em> Define text in italic
  • <p> Define a paragraph
  • <span> Define a section of a document
  • <s> Define Strikethrough Texto
  • <strike> Define Strikethrough Text
  • <spoiler> Define text that anticipates the plot of a work