Frequently Asked Questions

What offers TuAnimeOnline?

  • Create and share your own anime lists
  • Trending series and films
  • Organize and sort your own anime cataloge through the differents statuses (watched, view later and following) and take control of new and viewed episodes
  • Take control of your new episodes of your following series
  • Look up fast of your episodes pending
  • Add links from streaming or download servers and share the episodes directly from our web to the community

How change the default website language?

In the right side of the top bar you can select your prefered language.

How to search anime?

By one hand, exists an advanced search section for series, films, lists, people and users, by other hand, you can search series and films without filters in the top search bar of the page.

Why I must rate a link?

After see a link, you can rate it positively or negative to help other users to choose the best link by quality. The better rated links will be show on the top with more visibility, while the worst links will be shown on the bottom of the list. The uploaders with better rating score in his links will be shown in the top collaborators list in the home.

How can I mark a episode as viewed?

If you are a registered user, the episodes are mark as viewed automatically when you watch it. You can mark it manually too through the eye icon in the episode list, or mark all of the season episodes through the option "Mark season".

Meaning of series statuses

  • Completed: Add the serie to your completed series lists
  • Following: Add the serie to your following series lists and you can check if you have pending episodes to watch
  • View later: Add the serie to your view later series lists where you can see on the home
  • Abandoned: Add the serie to your abandoned series lists
  • Favorite: Add the serie to your favorites series lists

Meaning of films statuses

  • Watched: Add the film to your watched films lists
  • View later: Add the film to your view later films lists where you can see on the home
  • Favorite: Add the film to your favorites films lists

Following a list?

The following lists will be shown in the following lists section.

Following a user?

If you follow a user, you can see him activity on the website on your profile history section.

How can I use the chat?

TuAnimeOnline use CHATANGO chat, so, to use it, you must to have a CHATANGO user signing in their platform.

How I can comment the uploaded episodes?

We use the DISQUS system to manage comments on our website. To use the DISQUS comments, you need to be registered on the DISQUS platform.

Public or Private Profile?

  • Public profile: The default option. All the users can see your profile and your information, like collection, progress, favorites and history
  • Private profile: If you do not want nobody can see your profile, set your profile as private

Public or Private Lists?

  • Public list: The public lists, can be shared and it will be shown in the search results
  • Private list: The private lists only are visible by the creator and can not be shared

How can I add new series or films?

If you do not find your serie or film, you have an option to add it at the bottom of the search section. You should introduce the TheMovieDB link, so, if the serie or film does not exists on TheMovieDB you must create it first there.
If you edit some serie or film, you need to wait 6 hours to insert the new changes, for the TheMovieDB caching.

How can I add new episodes to the serie?

To refresh the episode list, you have a button in the bottom of the episode list. This button syncronize the episode lists with TheTVDB site, so it must exists first there.

How can I add links to the episodes?

In the episode view, you can add new links of streaming or download from the button "Add new link" in the top right side of the section.

How can I use in my links?

In order for your links to be linked to your account you must add your UserID to your user profile, this will enable the redirect system of linking for all your links added to the web.

How can I report an error?

A report system is available on each section to report the item, like "Report anime","Report link", etc. To help us to improve the reports system, we need to know a detailed description of the problem to report, so please, be explicit with the description of the error.

How can I get in touch with TuAnimeOnline?

You can get it touch with us through the contact form in the section.